The Sustainability Journey

Are you worried about our planet? Do you feel the need for change? Imagine a journey together. Changemakers around the world will share their views and solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. Diverse, Inclusive and Open. From Kenya to the World with Samuele Tini, 3 episodes per month,9,19 and 29!

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7 days ago

In our latest episode we explore  the profound intersections of sustainability, activism, and social justice with global activist Kumi Naidoo. Kumi who led in the past Greenpeace and Amnesty International, brings a wealth of experience and insight. He is now a  Payne Distinguished Lecturer at the Centre on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University.
He emphasizes, "The struggle to avert catastrophic climate nothing less than saving our children and their children's futures." This episode delves into the critical role of civil society and citizen mobilization in tackling global challenges, highlighting the importance of intersectionality and systemic change. Naidoo powerfully notes, "We either part of the problem or part of the solution... choosing to be neutral in the current context sadly will be making a choice to be part of the problem." His journey from anti-apartheid activism to leading global environmental initiatives exemplifies the transformative power of informed, passionate advocacy. Join us for an enlightening conversation that not only offers a rich historical perspective but also presents practical avenues for making a significant impact in today's interconnected world.

Friday Mar 29, 2024

"My entire fashion career has been about really utilizing what is already in existence... and the dignity, the relationship between myself, the people who make my clothes, and the people who wear my clothes"
We sat with  Orsola de Castro, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, author and the co-founder of Fashion Revolution, to explore the transformative world of eco-friendly fashion. The episode navigates through the intricate relationship between fashion, sustainability, and the evolving consciousness around consumer habits.
Key Points Orsola’s Creative Journey to Activism: Orsola shares her transition from a creative mindset to becoming an activist in sustainable fashion. She emphasizes the importance of repurposing and transforming clothes, not just as a necessity but as a form of self-expression and creativity. "My entire fashion career has been about really utilizing what is already in existence... and the dignity, the relationship between myself, the people who make my clothes, and the people who wear my clothes." - Orsola De Castro
Sustainability in Fashion: The discussion challenges the notion that sustainability and fashion are contradictory. Orsola points out the need for a paradigm shift from exploitative practices to a model that values small, innovative, and sustainable brands. "It's an oxymoron for the fast fashion brands... It is absolutely not an oxymoron for the small, sustainable, innovative brands that are cropping up all over the world." - Orsola De Castro
The Art and Necessity of Upcycling: Orsola underscores upcycling as an essential and historical practice in fashion, advocating for its role in reducing waste and promoting creativity. "Upcycling is a methodology and a technique which is autochthonous to mankind... We've been practicing it for 10,000 years." - Orsola De Castro
Fashion Revolution’s Global Impact: The podcast delves into the formation and mission of Fashion Revolution, highlighting its role as a global movement advocating for ethical practices and transparency in the fashion industry.
Empowering Consumers through ‘Loved Clothes Last’: Orsola talks about her book, which encourages consumers to view their clothing choices through an emotional and intentional lens, promoting sustainable practices like mending and mindful consumption.
Envisioning the Future of Fashion: The conversation explores Orsola's vision for a more sustainable fashion industry, envisioning a return to localized, artisanal production methods and a departure from mass manufacturing.
Consumer Responsibility and Action: The episode concludes with practical tips for consumers, emphasizing the importance of conscientious buying, supporting sustainable brands, and taking responsibility for the lifecycle of their clothing. 
Her book 

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

In this episode we met Luca Zerbini, Founder and CEO of the B Corp certified UNA TERRA. It  is the first early-growth impact fund (SFDR Art. 9) and ecosystem with an exclusive focus on the global Circular Economy Transition.. Zerbini, being an expert in the sustainability field, shares a unique journey from being a fervent nature lover to initiating transformational and innovative ventures to combat the pressing global sustainability challenges.
Luca primarily targets Europe with ambitious goals of addressing massive CO2 emissions and plastic waste, focusing on different sectors like packaging, waste, sustainable food, agritech, fashion, apparel, and clean finance. Their innovative approach aims to promote a circular economy by replacing non-sustainable solutions with sustainable ones.
He share some impact stories like  Palpex, a paper bottle-producing company offering a sustainable alternative to plastic. Another one is Grey Parrot's AI-enhanced recycling processes that drastically increase sorting precision. Luca also discusses his new book, "Standing Up for the Planet," which honors influential women in sustainability and emphasizes their crucial role in the movement. Link here
Luca also outlines the comprehensive approach to ESG and sustainability demanded by B Corp certification. He envisions UNA TERRA as more than a fund, rather as a platform accelerating the growth of enterprises and fostering sustainability. As a global expert he urges listeners to take active participation in this significant socio-economic transition – be it as consumers, voters, or employees.
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Saturday Mar 09, 2024

"The good news is after 54 years working in sustainability... we are in the beginning of the biggest change I've ever seen globally in the world.”
In this insightful episode, we are joined by Peter Fusaro, a global sustainability expert, author, and the founder of the Wall Street Green Summit, the most comprehensive sustainable finance event in the world. The summit was launched in 2002 and it has reached its 23rd edition, from 12th March 2024 in New York . Peter shares his experience as professor, energy and finance expert.
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Key points discussed.
Sustainability and Green Finance Intersection: Peter Fusaro discussed the merging of sustainability and finance, particularly the unique combination of green initiatives and Wall Street.
Early Involvement in Sustainability: Fusaro shared his journey in sustainability, starting from participating in the first Earth Day event in 1970, leading to his extensive career focused on energy and the environment.
Energy's Role in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: He emphasized that energy accounts for a significant portion (73%) of greenhouse gases, highlighting the sector's pivotal role in sustainability efforts.
Sustainable Finance and Education: Fusaro's work in sustainable finance education, including his role as a professor at Columbia University, where he taught renewable energy project finance.
Innovations in Energy and Environment: Discussion on various innovations such as hydrogen for transportation, energy storage technologies, and the evolution of battery technology including alternative materials like zinc air and airflow batteries.
Carbon Markets and Credits: The importance of carbon markets in sustainability, distinguishing between compliance and voluntary markets, and addressing the challenges and criticisms faced by carbon credit systems.
Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Projects: Discussion on various sustainable projects such as microgrids in developing countries, agroforestry in Peru, and sustainable fishing practices.
Mentorship and Support for Young Professionals: Fusaro shared insights on mentoring young professionals and students, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the field of sustainability.
Investment and Business Development in Sustainability: He talked about different classes of investors in sustainable projects and the role of big corporations in adopting and integrating new sustainable technologies.
The Role of Technology and Policy in Sustainability: The podcast covered how advancements in technology and supportive public policies are crucial for effective sustainability initiatives.
Global South and Sustainability Initiatives: Fusaro pointed out the importance of focusing on the Global South for sustainable development, highlighting opportunities for technological leapfrogging in these regions.
Need for Patient Capital in Sustainability Ventures: He stressed the necessity of patient capital for long-term impact in sustainable finance, highlighting the slow but incremental nature of change in this sector.

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

I just believe I was born loving this planet... And I realized she needed more voices to speak for her.
Lindsey Coffey, a former Miss Earth and model turned environmental activist, shares her transformation journey. Her love for the planet, witnessed firsthand through modeling assignments, led her to become a powerful voice for environmental advocacy. Lindsey discusses her initiatives in promoting sustainability and climate justice, emphasizing the importance of individual choice and action in environmental conservation.
Key points 
Early Love for Nature and Vegetarianism:
Lindsey shares her childhood affinity for nature and animals, leading her to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle at just eight years old, reflecting her deep-rooted connection with the environment​​.
Transition to Activism:
Her journey into environmental activism was fueled by witnessing global environmental degradation and natural disasters during her modeling career, motivating her to become a voice for the planet​​.
Empowering Individual Action:
Lindsey emphasizes the importance of individual choices and elevating environmental awareness. She encourages people to use their unique skills, whether in speaking, writing, or educating, to make a positive impact​​.
Multifaceted Activism Approach:
Her activism spans various forms, from social media influence to on-ground activities like protests, cleanups, and lobbying for legislative reform. This diverse approach targets multiple demographics and locations globally​​.
Overcoming Self-Doubt and Realizing Potential:
Winning Miss Earth was a turning point for Lindsey, providing her the confidence to amplify her voice in environmental advocacy and realize her potential beyond traditional qualifications​
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Monday Feb 19, 2024

" Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail".  Dr. Venera N. Anderson is a global strategy advisor and published author on sustainability and climate issues. She creates and implements innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, economic development, and humanitarian challenges.
In this episode, Dr. Anderson shares her diverse experiences ranging from Wall Street to global sustainability projects, emphasizing her focus on clean energy technologies, especially green hydrogen.
She discusses the challenges and opportunities in scaling green hydrogen globally, the importance of an equitable energy transition, and her contributions to various international projects. Her insights into the evolution of career paths, the significance of portfolio careers, and her personal journey through the realms of finance, academia, and sustainability advocacy offer a comprehensive view of the complexities and potential solutions in the fight against climate change.
Some useful links and full bio
Following her tenure on Wall Street at Salomon Smith Barney, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse, Dr. Venera N. Anderson is now an independent global strategy advisor and published author on sustainability and climate issues. She creates and implements innovative solutions that address the world's most pressing problems, such as climate change, economic development, and humanitarian challenges. Dr. Anderson primarily focuses on international projects in clean energy/tech sectors and proprietary analytical research. 
Dr. Anderson is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an International Expert in "Women in Green Hydrogen," Rotary International's Paul Harris Fellow, and a recipient of the USA President's Volunteer Service Award for outstanding dedication to the mission of the American Red Cross.
Dr. Anderson is also a co-author of the "Touching Hydrogen Future" book (2023, 2nd ed.), author of "The Fight Against Poverty in the BRICS countries: Historical: Socio-Economic, and Political Aspects" (2020), and co-author of 5 other books on poverty in transitional economies (2003-2020). 
      Dr. Anderson is a LinkedIn's "Top Renewable Energy Voice," an illuminem's #1 "Energy”(2023); #6 “Hydrogen” and #9 “Energy Transition”(2022) Global Thought Leader of the Year; and Top 100 “Global Female Sustainability Leader." With a combined audience of over 200,000 and insights from 1,300+ experts, illuminem is at the forefront of sustainability and energy discussions.
            During the recent years, Dr. Anderson spoke at the “Wall Street Green Summit,” “Tech Up for Women,” and “Sustainable Finance Podcast” about her vision for developing coastal US green hydrogen hubs.
This year, Dr. Anderson is scheduled to speak at Japan’s Energy Summit about her new nexus-integrated policy framework to improve Japan’s energy and environmental security, resilience, and reliability.  She was also invited to become a member of the judging committee of the Summit’s Climate Tech/Young Leaders Initiative.
Illuminem articles:
“Touching Hydrogen Future” (2nd ed) book:
Venera. N. Anderson’s Linked-In profile:

Friday Feb 09, 2024

“We need private sector companies to find solutions to pressing societal issues and sustainability problems; companies drive innovation, which is crucial for the sustainability agenda”
In this episode we discuss with Elvira Goetz,now UN Coordination Officer at the UNESCO office in Bangkok, and previously   Private Sector Partnerships Officer  at the World Food Programme, Senior Partnerships Advisor at UNESCO and Senior Partnerships’ Specialist at the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and many others international roles.  With her extensive experience we explore the transformative role of business in achieving sustainable development goals through strategic collaborations with development organizations.
With examples for her career through the UN she  unpacks the intricacies of these partnerships, highlighting the unique challenges and successes encountered. Elvira shares her extensive experience, providing insights into how these alliances are not only shaping sustainable business practices but also contributing to broader societal impacts. demonstrating the tangible benefits and innovative approaches within these partnerships.
Key Points:
Collaborative Impact: Businesses and development organizations uniting for sustainable change.
Real-world Examples: Case studies demonstrating tangible benefits and innovative approaches.
Professional Insight: Strategies and implications for leaders in sustainability and development.

Monday Jan 29, 2024

In this episode, Thomas Legrand shares his unique sustainability journey, which began 20 years ago in Mexico. This experience profoundly connected him to nature and reshaped his life’s direction towards forest conservation and ecological economics.
Legrand discusses his book "Politics of Being," emphasizing the need for a wisdom-based approach to development. He proposes organizing societies to prioritize 'being more' rather than 'having more.' He shares insights on various sectors like education, governance, and agriculture, advocating for a transformation from competitive to deliberative democracies and promoting nature's rights.
The episode also delves into Legrand's work with the Conscious Food Systems Alliance at the UNDP. He highlights the need for a mindset shift in agriculture, focusing on inner transformation to address global food system challenges.
Finally, Legrand emphasizes the importance of aligning our institutions with our true purpose on Earth, encouraging listeners to reconnect with themselves, nature, and their community. The episode concludes with a powerful message on the collective mission to shape a sustainable future.
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Friday Jan 19, 2024

Can banks really help save the planet?
In this episode, we dive into the intricate relationship between the financial sector and climate risk with our distinguished guest, Ana Lucas. Ana brings over two decades of experience in corporate banking, notably with ING, and has now transitioned into educating others on sustainable finance.
This episode delves into Ana's journey, exploring her significant role in recognizing and managing climate risks within the banking sector. She shares her insights on the financial industry's current state in addressing the climate crisis and the critical role banks play as agents of change.
Key highlights include:
Ana's perspective on the evolution of sustainability within the banking industry and its increasing prominence post the Paris Agreement.
A comprehensive discussion on climate risks, categorized into physical and transition risks, and their implications for financial institutions.
The challenges banks face in revaluating portfolios and the importance of aligning with industry benchmarks for carbon reduction.
Ana's viewpoint on the future of sustainable financing, including the opportunities and risks in the next five to ten years.
Ana's expertise sheds light on how financial institutions are navigating this challenging landscape, balancing profit with responsibility, and moving towards a more sustainable future.
some links to Ana's work - 
Her Linktree: scenarios Example of Industry cooperation with Banks on Decarbonisation on Climate risks and Opportunities Disclosures for Climate Target Setting for Banks

Tuesday Jan 09, 2024

Have you ever wondered how mindfulness can revolutionize the world of finance? Meet Davina Ho, a leader whose mindfulness podcasts have garnered millions of downloads on Spotify. In this episode, she shares her journey from high-stress finance to pioneering mindfulness and sustainable investment. Discover how Davina's unique approach intertwines inner peace with financial success, proving that mindfulness isn't just a personal practice but a transformative tool for global sustainability. Her story is a testament to how integrating personal well-being with professional expertise can lead to a more mindful and sustainable future.
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